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Pasefika Family Health Group (PFHG) is a known and recognised Pacific Health provider based in the greater Auckland region. PFHG has served the Pacific, Māori and Asian communities for the past 30 years under its previous flagship HSPT.


In May 2021, under new governance and new management, the organisation was registered under its new brand /name PASEFIKA FAMILY HEALTH GROUP, with the team members of the clinical, business and management remaining in the new entity providing stability, continuity and the right skills mix to continue the journey.



The new entity is 80% governed and managed by the Pacific people.


The staff are a mix of ethnicities, Pacific, Iraqi, Chinese and European, so many languages are spoken, catering to the local community.

PFHG has an experienced and competent workforce that are multi-skilled and multi-ethnic specialised health professionals such as GPs, registered nurses, midwives, social workers, mental health, well-child healthcare, plus other specialised nursing areas, which are also culturally competent to serve its community with cultural diversity.


PFHG health provider’s strength is in the Public health and Health promotion area, which compliments its two Medical Centres /clinics, one in Weymouth, South Auckland and the other in Panmure, Eastern Auckland. PFHG Medical Centres are focused on providing health services to its local community, and new enrolments are welcomed. 


Enrolment is free but our new patient first time consultation with GP is $50.00 Contact our dedicated staff today to enrol your family for medical and wrap-around care in the heart of your community.


PFHG delivered a weekly Samoan health program via Radio Samoa, which connects us to the community we served and which helped inform and navigate them to access the health services they need, e.g.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, we informed the Samoan community about the Covid 19 Omicron outbreak, how to access testing and vaccination pop up stations out in the community plus providing a mobile Outreach service that delivers health services to the homes of our enrolled population in the community.

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