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Our Community Health is our Priority

Our Services

Why Pasefika Family Health?

Pasefika Family Health Group Mobile Outreach Programme:

Our outreach team are on wheels in your community helping to keep you and your family well.

Here are some of our services available:

  • Vaccinations/Immunisations

  • General Support for whanau/aiga

  • Follow Ups

  • General Health Checks

  • Diabetes

  • Strep throat swabs

  • Quit smoking referrals

  • Medication delivery

  • Social Services referrals - Foodbanks, MSD, WINZ, Kainga Ora

  • Mental Health Referrals

  • Skin checks


Puaseisei Health Centre

439841371_853173310186602_6248004686921532557_n (1).jpg

The Pasefika Family Health Group, the EFKS Puaseisei Church Magele and Otago University (Community Engagement) have partnered to create a new church-based community health initiative in South Auckland.

The Puaseisei Health Centre, a parish satellite centre, is based at the EFKS Puaseisei Church Magele in Mangere East, and will provide the surrounding Pacific community with accessible healthcare and advice in familiar and safe surroundings. It will also offer the opportunity for Pacific Otago medical students to come and carry out practicum experience as part of their medical and nursing training.

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